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You’ve dissolved the inner blockages that have been getting in your way of finding love and you know what you need and desire in a spouse.

Now it’s time to take the next quantum leap forward by reentering the dating world where you’ll finally meet the person who is genuinely right for you.

Couple-CafeYour special person—the one who is going to inspire, uplift, and support you—is out there waiting for you and is ready to create an extraordinary life with you.

How are you going to find “the one”?

What can you do to speed up the process?

Is there really a way to navigate the dating world with confidence and ease?


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Dating Camp is an exhilarating program that provides you with the step-by-step support you need to accelerate your meet to marry journey. You receive a whole new set of dating tools, techniques, and resources that are unlike anything you’ve ever seen or tried.

You are joining an exclusive and highly supportive community of marriage-minded singles who have gone through the same underlying inner transformation as you. Only people who have completed Finding The One are eligible to participate in the program.

It is going to feel absolutely amazing to know exactly what you need to do in order to successfully steer your way through the dating world and have an absolute blast on this part of your journey.

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How Dating Camp Works

There are seven modules in our online, self-paced course. They’re filled with powerfully effective tips, techniques, and tools that are specifically designed to accelerate your process of meeting and marrying your perfect match. You can watch, listen to, and read this core content at any time that’s convenient. As soon as you register, you’ll receive your username and password. You can get started right now!

During our monthly group coaching calls, I answer your questions and provide you with the individualized support you need to keep moving forward. Every session is results oriented. It’s great if you can join us live, but it’s totally okay if you can’t. I record every call, so you can listen when you’re ready. If you send me your questions ahead of time, I can answer them even if you can’t be on the call.

The private forum grants you access to even more support. You can ask me questions as they come up and get feedback from me as well as from other participants. I’m 100% committed to helping you “Be The One to Find The One,” so I’m interacting on the forum almost every day.

Feel the need for even more support? There are special private coaching packages that allow you to receive individualized support in creating the best possible online dating profile, searching online sites, and navigating the dating world.

You have access to Dating Camp until you’re engaged!!!!! Yes, you read that right. This is the last program you’ll need.

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These are the online modules that you can access at any time:


Module 1
This fast-paced module gets you set up in the program and connected with the group.

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Module 2
Hold on! Your Dating Camp journey gets off to a turbo-charged start in this module. You learn exactly how to synthesize what you discovered in Finding The One and create the kind of super clear, ultra vivid Marriage Vision that’s absolutely essential for attracting just the right person into your life. It’s a really amazing, uplifting, and exciting process. I’m also sharing with you a new set of resources—tips, techniques, and even a guided meditation—to keep you focused, energized, and moving forward!
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Module 3
Now it’s time to enhance the new healthy foundation you established in Finding The One. You gain access to a new set of slogans for keeping yourself in a positive state of mind and heart, which serves as an attraction magnet for the right people. You also discover how to create a bubble of positivity around yourself—wherever you go—and receive tools for maintaining a positive social environment that is supportive of your quest for love.
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Module 4
In this super juicy module, I’m revealing my special method for creating a step-by-step Dating Action Plan that gives structure to your entire dating to marry experience and keeps you on track so that you can achieve your goal. You’re going to have a full pipeline of activities and dates. It’s going to feel amazing! You’re going to have a blast now that you know how to meet the right people.
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Module 5
You know all that confusion and doubt you have about online dating sites? How about those feelings of being overwhelmed by the sites? What about bad experiences you’ve had in the past? Kiss them goodbye! I’m teaching you exactly how to get the best results from these online dating sites. You’re going to learn how to decide on a dating site; transform your dating profile so that it reflects your new empowered sense of self and attracts the right people; select (and get) the very best photographs of yourself; and search for dates, evaluate profiles, and communicate with potential matches.
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Module 6
All sorts of questions pop up once you start implementing your Dating Action Plan and connecting with people. Unfortunately, too many singles struggle with these questions—in silence or alone. They get stuck, and they slow down their process of finding the one. There’s no reason for this! In this module, I share highly effective techniques for maximizing in-person events, email etiquette and strategies for keeping things moving forward, and empowering blueprints for pre-date phone calls, setting up, enjoying, and ending dates.
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Module 7
This module consists of short videos that answer other really important questions that emerge when you’re dating. You’ll learn things like how to end dates with clarity, when it’s okay to get physical, when you should stop seeing other people, how to make the most of long-distance dating, how you can tell if your date is truly marriage minded, what to do if someone doesn’t respond to you in a timely manner, what to do if you really like someone but they don’t have all the qualities you’re looking for in a spouse, how to know if you’ve met your match, and so much more! This module is currently in development and will be constantly evolving to meet the specific needs of Dating Camp members—yourself included!
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