Day 6 – There’s No Future in the Past

Each day, we’ve reviewed a common mistake that people make when dating.

Mistake #6 is:

You’re holding on to regrets from the past.

While you may think that you’ve handled the baggage from the past, like disappointing relationships, childhood hurts, or rejection from others, these things still impact your love life.

You may think you’re totally done with that old boyfriend or girlfriend, but are you?

Are you 100% free of regret and what-ifs?   Sometimes we think we are, but we’re really not.

If you are, great!

Today’s mantra is:

There’s No Future in the Past

Your action for today is this:

You know that ex you still think about and wonder “what if?” Commit to completely closing that door. 100%. Forever. Recognize that if you were meant to be with that man or woman, you would be.