Day 7 – Toxic Advice

Today, I’m going to talk about mistake #7.

You accept bad advice.

And there is plenty of it to go around. You have so many people around you who have good intentions. They love you, they want the best for you, and they think they know best. Their advice, whether you seek it or it’s unsolicited, is confusing. They tell you things like “you’re so picky,” or “just give her a chance,” or even the dreaded “but he’s so nice, you’ll become attracted to him as time goes on.”

Understand that people come from their own frame of reference, which means that they are giving you all this bad advice from their own fears, prejudices, and limitations.

Today’s mantra is about distancing yourself from that toxic advice.

The mantra is:

Live Life Consciously

And your action step is this:

  • Bypass bad advice.

Avoid the subject. Change the subject. Say “thanks for your concern and love, but I’m clear about my path and what I need and want in a relationship.” Do whatever you need to do–and don’t doubt yourself! If you’re not clear about what you want and need, then let’s work on helping you get clear. But don’t take bad advice–it’s just not healthy!

But it’s not their life. It’s yours, right? Know what you want, and stop listening to them.