Exercise: Sign the Commitment

Sign the Commitment

Ask yourself: How am I going to live today in order to create the tomorrow I am committed to?

Brian Grazer, a noted Hollywood producer who has produced more than 50 movies and TV series, says in his essay, Disrupting My Comfort Zone, “if you are not growing, you are dying.”

Leave your comfort zone and embark on a new reality. Make a commitment to your success.

Make a commitment to yourself and your life to do things a little bit differently than you did before. Have faith that with new actions and a strong belief in yourself, you will achieve your dreams. Try it out and remember, you can always go back to the way you were. Your old ways will still be there. Feelings change, but commitments don’t.

With this Commitment to Success, I agree to:


I agree to forgive myself and others in areas where I am holding on to to regrets from the past. I agree to have compassion for myself and others and to realize that the past was part of my journey.
I agree to leave my comfort zone and be open to this new dating philosophy, which might be contrary to advice Ive received in the past.
I agree to be coachable and try it out with the knowledge that I can always go back to the way I was dating before.
I agree to be grateful for the positive things I have in my life and to be conscious of them on daily basis.
I agree to “get complete” with the past with the understanding that the people and the experiences were all part my lifes lesson.
I agree to use the Slogans and Innovative Tips for Dating to Marry to support me in this dating for marriage adventure.

Write your name here to signify your commitment

You are entitled to be in a beautiful marriage, one in which you are the giver and receiver of unconditional love. The goal is for you to have unconditional love for yourself so you can receive it from another person. You will gain confidence and trust in yourself because the person you are seeking will be perfect for you.

Congratulations! You are on your way to finding “the one.”

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