Exercise: Slogans

Slogans Exercise

Picking slogans that apply to you can help you stay focused on your goals for marriage.

Choose three slogans that resonate with you and put them on your refrigerator, your bathroom mirror or a place where you will see them every day. Read them at least twice a day.

Don’t go against the flow of life.
To thyself be true.
Live life consciously.
Your thoughts and your feelings are energy. Make sure they are positive; the universe is listening.
Act in the present to secure the future.
There’s no future in the past.
Reality: don’t leave home without it.
How will you know? It will flow.
Never marry potential.
Be a mother/father to yourself.
How can you expect others to love you if you don’t love yourself?
Life is what it is. It has no agenda, certainly not yours.
Bad love is not better than no love.
Fear (f.e.a.r.) is false evidence appearing real.
I lived, I loved and I learned.
Feelings aren’t facts. Facts are facts.
If you’re in your comfort zone, you’re moving backwards.
No growth without pain.
Challenge your unhealthy thinking.
Live life consciously.
Attachment is the enemy of happiness.
You attract what you send out.

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