Day 3 – What You Really Want

Do you want to know the third mistake you’re probably making in your dating?

You’re not clear, confident, and articulate about what you want.

Surely you know the importance of clarity and confidence in every part of your life.

Today’s mantra is:

Ask For What You Really Want

Instead of having a vague list of nice-to-haves, or an impossibly long and detailed list of must-haves, ask yourself this:

  • How do you want to feel in a relationship?

Today’s action is write down the most important feeling you want to feel in your ideal relationship.


Day 8 – Final Thoughts

Congratulations!!  You made it through the 7 days and yet there is so much more to share with you.

You know, the answer is not out there….

Don’t blame where you live, or the lack of eligible singles, or that you’re not young enough or wealthy enough or successful enough. Thinking that the problem–and its solution–are outside yourself is a big mistake that pretty much all singles make.

This is all about making powerful, inner shifts.

But right now, because we only have a little time left together today, I want to reveal exactly how you can make it happen.

Can you now imagine feeling inspired, free, and clear of everything that’s been getting in the way of your experiencing healthy love?

You can get there, and fast, too. Clear Path to True Love is a comprehensive, 90 day transformation.

Day 7 – Toxic Advice

Today, I’m going to talk about mistake #7.

You accept bad advice.

And there is plenty of it to go around. You have so many people around you who have good intentions. They love you, they want the best for you, and they think they know best. Their advice, whether you seek it or it’s unsolicited, is confusing. They tell you things like “you’re so picky,” or “just give her a chance,” or even the dreaded “but he’s so nice, you’ll become attracted to him as time goes on.”

Understand that people come from their own frame of reference, which means that they are giving you all this bad advice from their own fears, prejudices, and limitations.

Today’s mantra is about distancing yourself from that toxic advice.

The mantra is:

Live Life Consciously

And your action step is this:

  • Bypass bad advice.

Avoid the subject. Change the subject. Say “thanks for your concern and love, but I’m clear about my path and what I need and want in a relationship.” Do whatever you need to do–and don’t doubt yourself! If you’re not clear about what you want and need, then let’s work on helping you get clear. But don’t take bad advice–it’s just not healthy!

But it’s not their life. It’s yours, right? Know what you want, and stop listening to them.

Day 6 – There’s No Future in the Past

Each day, we’ve reviewed a common mistake that people make when dating.

Mistake #6 is:

You’re holding on to regrets from the past.

While you may think that you’ve handled the baggage from the past, like disappointing relationships, childhood hurts, or rejection from others, these things still impact your love life.

You may think you’re totally done with that old boyfriend or girlfriend, but are you?

Are you 100% free of regret and what-ifs?   Sometimes we think we are, but we’re really not.

If you are, great!

Today’s mantra is:

There’s No Future in the Past

Your action for today is this:

You know that ex you still think about and wonder “what if?” Commit to completely closing that door. 100%. Forever. Recognize that if you were meant to be with that man or woman, you would be.

Day 5 – Ask Yourself The Right Questions

Today, we’re going to discuss mistake #5.

You don’t know how to assess a great marriage partner.

You need to know yourself, including your vision for marriage, your emotional needs, and your core values. Having interests or background or friends in common with a mate–well, those things are something, but they’re not nearly enough.

So, today’s mantra is:

Ask yourself the right questions, and you’ll find the right one.

And that leads us right to today’s action item, which is this:

  • Write down one core value that makes you uniquely who you are.

Day 4 – Your Vision – Your Life – Your Love

Today, we’re going to discuss the fourth dating mistake:

You hide the fact that you’re marriage minded.

If you want a committed relationship, and you want to get married, don’t go out into the world like some undercover agent, never daring to reveal your truth. If someone is scared off by marriage-mindedness, by the seriousness with which you take your own future, then they are not right for you!

Today’s mantra is:

Your Vision. Your Life. Your Love.

Today’s action item is:

Start by sharing your unique and beautiful vision for marriage.

  • Tell it to one trusted friend or family member. Allow yourself to feel proud of your honesty and self-knowledge!

Feeling really brave?

  • Share it with me and the members one of the 7 Day Dating Reset Communities

Day 2 – The Universe is Listening

The law of attraction and a profound principle of the universe states that “like attracts like.” This means that people with a low frequency — people who are insecure and self-abandoning — attract each other, while people with a high frequency — people who love and value themselves — also attract each other.

Today’s mantra is:

My thoughts and feelings are energy,
and the universe is listening.

 Today’s action is to notice when you’re being negative.

Do you really want to attract that into your life?

Day 1 – Focus On Your Vision

Today, I’m going to talk about mistake #1, and it’s a big one:

You want to get married, but your actions are inconsistent with your dreams.

We say that a lot at Meet to Marry. This simple, powerful phrase has become one of our mantras. Because saying it, believing it, really works.

To Thyself Be True

So today’s action item is to focus on your vision, on your dream, on your future.


Are you ready to hit the reset button on your dating? Great!

Each day, I’m going to introduce you to one mistake that daters make, and one powerful action you can take to address that mistake.

By the end of the 7 days, you’ll have begun a real shift in your dating reality.