Exercise: Challenge Your Thinking

Challenge Your Thinking

Take charge of your thoughts and future! Feelings aren’t facts! Facts are Facts!

Use the exercise below to work through either an upsetting scenario or a situation where your thinking is negative or fixed and replace it with a healthier, more balanced and peaceful state of mind.* You’ll have the opportunity to see and apply realistic and reality based thinking to any upsetting situation. It’s time to break up disempowering thinking. Getting upset about events or circumstances is not about “what happened” but the meaning we add to “what happened.”

EXAMPLE: “Joanna still hasn’t returned my call since I called her after our date two nights ago.” One way to think about this is to obsess and feel upset that she hasn’t called. Another way is to interrupt this thinking process and say, “Wait! Even if she doesn’t call me, it doesn’t mean I’m not a desirable person! She may just be busy or not a match. And if we are not matched, it will free me up to meet someone who is.” You can control your thoughts and your destiny and come from a place of power in your life. Let’s begin.



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