Module 6

Module 6. Express Your “Marriage Vision,” the “Who” You Are and What You Want in a Spouse.

Articulate who you and what you need, want and desire in a relationship. The section delves into the Meet to Marry registration and philosophy that by clearly articulating your vision, values and goals, you can find a matching life partner. Most people date by wishing and hoping that they’ll meet someone with common interests and that rest will fall into place. At Meet to Marry, our philosophy is that you are unique and so are your needs and your vision and that the most successful marriages are made of people who share a similar world view, like and admire each other and want to build a life together. By declaring who you are and what makes your tick, you’ll be clear that when you meet the “right” one, you’ll know it. You’ll say “where have you been my whole life?”

Marriage Vision Introduction

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Top Emotional Needs

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Personality, Goals, Vision and Value

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